Royall Rugby

Since its inception the Royall Lyme brand of fragrances has had close ties to the beloved sport of Rugby, and is currently involved in the sponsorship of several teams and events at the collegiate level.

Royall Acclaim

At Royall Lyme we believe a Royall Man always helps you to your feet after making you eat dirt. A royall man is a winner, yes, but more importantly, a royall man is, by this very nature, a role model and a natural leader. A Royall Man demonstrates exemplary character.

A Royall Man deserves Royall Acclaim when he represents his team, school or university with honor on and off the field.

Each month Royall Lyme will distinguish a player, coach, administrator or team that deserves Royall Acclaim. If you know of an individual or team that embodies our Royall spirit, email

Royall Partnership: LineoutCoach

LineoutCoach was founded by Gavin Hickie, the former professional player turned rugby coach. Having played hooker at the top level he felt there was a need for advice on throwing technique and the other factors involved in this specialist front row position. His straight forward approach to coaching proved popular and the site grew quickly to include guidance on other aspects of the game including breakdowns of key plays, videos analysis and match reports, all aimed at nurturing great rugby skills.

"I created to primarily help players and coaches reach their rugby potential. You can find player and coach interviews on the website, set piece tips and, of course, lineout throwing expertise. I offer advice on all things Rugby to help you improve your game. With monthly sports nutrition advice, competitions, lineout throwing video guides being added, LineoutCoach provides everything anyone involved in rugby could need to develop their game."
Gavin Hickie
Founder of LineoutCoach, Head Coach of Dartmouth College and USA Collegiate All Americans Assistant Coach

LineoutCoach was recently featured in the International Rugby Board monthly newsletter and continues to grow in popularity as resource for both players and coaches around the world. Royall Rugby is proud to embark on this new partnership to support Gavin Hickie, The Lineout Coach.
Learn more about Rugby and Gavin on Lineout Coach dot com »


Royall Lyme is the proud sponsor of these Rugby tournaments in the USA:

Recent Tournaments

2015 American Collegiate Rugby Championship
Nov 20-22, 2015
Charlotte, NC

2014 American Collegiate Rugby Championship
May 3-4, 2014
Virginia Beach, VA

2014 Las Vegas Sevens
January, 2014

2013 CRC Sevens
June, 2013
Philadelphia, PA

2012 CRC Sevens
June, 2012
Philadelphia, PA

2012 Royall Lyme Surfside Sevens
July 21, 2012
Stone Harbor, NJ

2007 USA Sevens
February 10-11, 2007
PETCO Park. San Diego, CA

2006 Royall Lyme Surfside Sevens
July 29, 2006
Stone Harbor, NJ

2006 Rugby High Boys High School Championship
May 19-20, 2006
Brophy Field -- Dartmouth College. Hanover, NH

2006 Ivy Rugby Championships
April 8-9, 2006
Yale University. New Haven, CT

2006 USA Sevens
February 11-12, 2006
Home Depot Stadium. Los Angeles, CA

2005 NY Sevens
November 26, 2005
Randalls Island Park. NYC

2005 Royall Lyme Surfside Sevens
July 23, 2005
Stone Harbor, NJ

2005 Royall Lyme Ivy Rugby Championships
April 9-10, 2005
Conshohocken, PA