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Royall Bay Rhum in Valet Magazine

Valet Magazine recently published a review of Royall Lyme Bermuda's own Royall Bay Rhum, calling it "sweet, spicy and unequivocally masculine, it's the kind of scent you remember your grandfather and maybe even your father wearing."

Royall Rugby in Valet Magazine

Matt Fox, proprietor of New York's Fine and Dandy Shop and a man of refined taste, recommends Royall Rugby. It is the latest scent from Royall Lyme Bermuda.

Bay Rhum was featured on the Wall Street Journal Online in 2011 in an article called "Heartless Valentine's Day Gifts"

Watch as the Q Brothers review Royall Lyme, their favorite summer scent.

Primer Magazine

If you’ve been searching for a new cologne that won’t make you smell like a teenager OR an old man you’ll be more than happy with one of the scents from the 53 year old, American-made heritage brand Royall Lyme Bermuda.

Royall Lyme

".. it’s a manly smell but a sophisticated one as well. Even the bottle is both rugged and refined. I like it but I could understand why this wouldn’t be on every guys must have list."